What Matters…

I am 64 years old, secure in having offered a bit in my life and work thus far. But I have more to say and do. I continue to feel a strong urge to engage with the world of work, to both share insights and strategies and to work with others to understand their challenges and how they successfully navigate them. Thus, I’m motivated to write, teach, and continue to explore these things that have been at the heart of my own work life these past forty-five years.

I’ve learned a few things over this time about how to build, sustain, and repair organizations, whether as the founder of such places or as steward facilitating innovative initiatives at times of change, or as a mediator or consultant working with those facing hardships. I’ve noticed several things that seem to work in these situations, and this site will focus on such practices, as well as how to develop and sustain thriving, creative organizations when starting from scratch. But before we get into the “How to” practices, we need to step back and clarify Why we engage in them in the first place.

The context of this work is the modern workplace. I’ve focused here because I see the workplace as a critical, high leverage location of our energies and opportunities to influence the culture. Most of us spend much of our lives in the world of work, with most of our waking hours contemplating how best to earn a living. While we may practically need to “punch the clock” each day, we rarely give one another the permission, encouragement, and support to develop more intentional, well-considered ways of approaching such time with a deeper sense of purpose in mind.

That’s where this work comes in: To reflect on What Matters at Work is to reflect upon some of the deeper questions of life itself. For some readers, this may seem a bit ethereal, not grounded in the pragmatic realities of corporate life. I ask your indulgence here… the strategies and approaches are intended to be applied in highly practical ways, across a vast swath of organizational cultures. What has become clear to me over the years is that reflective, clarifying practices are essential to noticing the right things to act upon, so we use our resources and talents in cost-effective ways. If you want to engage in Leadership that makes a difference on the bottom line, you had better be focused on What Matters at Work.

If the concepts and exercises contained here help you gain a deeper sense of productivity and accomplishment at work, that’s great. If it helps you offer leadership to your company or other organization so the culture of the workplace is profoundly transformed, that would be even more gratifying to me. And if it helps you start or continue a conversation that results in deep personal reflection and actions that improve your personal sense of purpose, you have my gratitude for joining me in such a profound journey.

Harry Webne-Behrman